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photo 3 specialises in the safe, humane removal and rescue of bee hives  across Melbourne.

Do you have a bee hive in your home, school or workplace?  You should never attempt to kill or remove a hive yourself – you may become seriously hurt. There are usually between 20,000 and 60,000 bees in a colony, and that’s a lot of stings.

As registered bee keepers with a deep passion for bees we’ve rescued hundreds of bee hives (including for numerous Councils, Estate Agents, Parks Victoria etc) and we don’t use pest control chemicals which wear off within a month or so. We also remove and relocate wasp nests (eg paperbark native wasps)

The entire hive is physically removed (bees, honey comb etc) otherwise the area acts like a magnet for another swarm and you’ll never be rid of the problem. Most of our work is actually after pest control have visited in the past as new bees will occupy the old hive when the poison wears off when pest control is used….resulting in many kilos of honey running down your wall into your floor or carpet, and/or the hive will decompose in your wall making adjacent rooms uninhabitable….we recommend you look at these pictures.

Critically we show you how to treat the surface so this wont happen again in future. We can even rescue bees from inside trees, and inside walls, floors and chimneys.

As long as we can have physical access, bees can be relocated from homes, sheds, factories, schools, compost bins, cubby houses etc, and you can keep the honey comb.  We charge a fee that is similar to pest control – without use of nasty chemicals.

Prior to visiting you, could you please send the following:

  1. Pictures of the bees (or wasps) where they are entering your home, garden or commercial premises, and also one distance picture to help us get our bearings
  2. Your street address (we service all of Melbourne metro and regional Victoria)

Please reply to the above questions via or 0408 336 363

For feedback from successful past bee removals, see google maps bee rescue

Some pics below, and around 100 more pics over the last few years of bee rescue on


photo 22015-Frankie_BeeRescue-final

Melbourne's bee removal and rescue team, and producers of raw honey and hay fever sinus remedy

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