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Bee Hive Removal and Rescue Melbourne – Help save bees from pest controllers across Melbourne! 

There’s an incredible level of media attention on the plight of bees in many places around the world. There are practices and diseases which threaten bees…and in some countries bee sanctuaries are being created, while elsewhere you have to hand pollinate your veggies!

Bees perform around 80% of all pollination worldwide. 70 out of the top 100 human food crops—which supply about 90% of the world’s nutrition—are pollinated by bees.

In this day and age its inconceivable that most people will still ring pest control to exterminate them!…especially that the Varroa mite is now in Australia. We remove and rescue bee established hives before they are destroyed by pest controllers across Melbourne, and recycle them into new hives.

Our specialisation is removal and rescue of bees once they have built their bee hive inside your home (floor, wall, ceiling, eaves etc), commercial premises, cubby houses, fallen trees, compost bins and almost anywhere . We are preferred bee removers for Nillumbik, Darebin and Manningham Councils (parkland in trees, natures strips etc).

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We are migratory beekeepers following blossom around parts of Victoria and Heidi Honey Hurstbridge is our raw honey (not heated and no syrup) label, plus we make bees wax candles and the famous St Andrews Papa’s Chai Tea.

We sell Bee Hives and Bees, help sort our Beeginner Issues  and can train you to Become a Bee Keeper and can come to you with a safe demonstration hive to talk to kids and communities.

Bees teach humanity about life and health, and we’d like to explore this fully as a part of our mission.

Melbourne's bee removal and rescue team, and producers of raw honey

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