Beeginner BeeKeeper – mentoring or training

We offer you beekeeper help, training and mentor services

While really appealing, books, youtube, bee clubs & seminars are a bit romantic as they’re not in your hive with you when you need them most.  After 25 years its taught me that bees can teach you far more than humans can, who seem to overdo the talk and device time.

Through the bees, i help beginners to gain full confidence….with guidance so that you/family/pets neighbours aren’t stung to death, or so that you don’t accidentally weaken or kill the hive. You’ll appreciate that everything else after this is fantastic!

We often get calls from newer beekeepers who just need a little help to get over a hurdle/s. Teach me to:

  • keep bees
  • manage an aggressive hive
  • skills to manage your hive for optimum honey
  • move a hive from one part of your property to  another location due to unhappy neighbor/partner
  • transfer a hive from inside a tree or inside a wall into your flowhive
  • pick up and remove a neglected or decomposing hive, or getting it into shape for your own hive
  • split a hive
  • not get stung or hurt bees
  • urgently get this hive off my property!!!

Contact us to arrange a visit and/or if you’re looking for a Mentor