Bees in your home?

Have no fear!…we offer a home bee removal service!

We remove and relocate bees and established beehives safely from inside your wall or ceilings, bedroom, living rooms, bathrooms and even inside your roof or chimney. And Abe our son is a qualified carpenter who can professionally clean the inside of your wall to ensure new bees dont return, while doing all repairs.

As long as we can have physical access, we can remove and relocate them safely into productive bee hives. Using infra red tech and an inspection camera we can accurately locate the hive in your wall, ceiling or floor. You can even keep the hive at your place if you want to become a beekeeper!

Much of our work is actually after pest controllers have already visited. The poison wears off quickly, but pest control dont remove the hive from inside your home or premises. The issue is that the remaining honey and hive are a perfect home for a new bee colony to occupy. This assumes that honey isnt running down the wall into the floor or carpet, and/or the hive hasn’t decomposed in your wall making adjacent rooms uninhabitable! Please see pictures below. We’ll show you how to treat the surface area so that bees don’t reoccupy the same location again.

‘Pest control came, but the bees were back within a week, and they didnt return my call, but rang 12 months later wanting to spray again!’ D Butters, Briar Hill

Its better to act sooner than later as the hive starts out around the size of a basket ball, after around 12 months can be the size of a door (in your wall), and after years can be the size of a small car in your roof, holding 100+ kilos of raw local honey. From experience they’ll eventually corrode the inside of the plaster wall and burst through into your home.

Over a 10 year period we’ve rescued over 1,000 hives across Melbourne and Victoria.




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