Bee Removal and Bee Rescue Services – across Melbourne specialises in safe bee removal and rehoming of established bee hives all across Melbourne. We are *not* Pest Control.

For over a decade, as registered & insured beekeepers with a deep passion for bees, we’ve safely removed & relocated hundreds of bee hives across Melbourne, and are preferred bee removers for Parks Victoria, Dept of Education, Dept of Defense, MetroTrains, Melbourne, Nillumbik, Darebin and Manningham Councils, Real estate agents and Body Corporates.

If you dont remove the hive properly, it can grow up to the size of a small car during a strong season. With between 10 to 100kg of honey in your wall, the plaster can break open, and you receive up to 60,000 bees in your living room. If you use nasty chemicals to poison, the poison wears off quickly, and pest control dont remove the hive from the inside of your home or premises. The issue is that the remaining honey and hive are a perfect home for a new bee colony to occupy, again and again. This assumes that honey isnt running down the wall into the floor or carpet on a hot day. We recommend you look at these pictures.

We can even remove and rescue bees from inside trees, and inside houses: walls, floors and chimneys. Or you can keep the hive at your place if you want to become a beekeeper!

As long as we have physical access, bees can be relocated from homes, sheds, factories, schools, compost bins, cubby houses etc, and you can keep the honey comb.  We charge a fee that similar to pest control – without the use of nasty chemicals. Bee hives removed from across Melbourne are relocated to our farm in Hurstbridge.

Some people have tried to diy with mortien or blocked up the entrance holes. I’ve been called from hospital after failed attempts and many stings by the home owner, and was asked to pick up a hive from the grampians after the groundskeeper died from stings a few years ago.

Swarming is the natural reproduction cycle for bees, and swarms especially if exposed to weather, will almost always leave the location they’ve settled in with a week to a fortnight, usually on the very next warm day…and they generally are very passive until they’ve settled into their permanent home.  We dont remove swarms because they’ll take odd naturally, and swarms are therefore a cost free service!

Contact us asap if you have an established hive in your home, building or tree etc across Melbourne and Victoria.