Working some of our migrating hives....we produce raw local honey and a popular hay fever and sinus remedy as well as remove and rescue bees from buildings, homes and trees across Melbourne

Raw Local Honey Melbourne – Heidi Honey Hurstbridge

Heidi Honey Hurstbridge – Raw Honey Melbourne

We are small migratory beekeepers and follow tree blossom throughout the Yarra Valley, Melbourne’s Green Wedge, around Central Victoria, and raw local honey from rescued bee hives across Melbourne suburbs.

Our Raw Honey 野生/纯天然蜂蜜 (unheated and without added rice or corn syrup) range includes:

We offer local rawhoney only at St Andrews market, Latrobe market, University of Melbourne and a couple of farmers markets. Sorry, we prefer to stay small and keep it at the bee level – raw and real!…therefore don’t sell online, via post, or via shops.

Yep…this cartoon says it all when it comes to legal clarity re the definition of ‘honey’ and labeling regulations for people who want and love real honey.

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Melbourne's bee hive removal and rescue team, and producers of local raw honey and a popular hay fever – sinus remedy

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