Bees Wax Candles and Papas Chai Tea

Bees Wax Candles

We produce a wide range of real bees wax candles, non toxic and known to relieve asthma,  available from  St Andrews market every Saturday, Latrobe market. and select farmers markets.

candlesBees wax candles1

bees wax candles2darkcandles_Low

These are pure bees wax candles and not blended, like those usually found in shops. They have a light natural honey scent including:

  • tea light bees wax candles: 4 hours burning time
  • novelty bee hives and gothic towers
  • round and hexagon table and pillar candles: 24 to 50 hours burning time

You can experiment with bees wax to make your own lip balm, face creams, ointments, furniture polish etc 253


Papas Chai Tea

We offer our blend of packaged, and hot or chilled brewed Chai tea, which is sought after at St Andrews market and Latrobe market.  We agree with Indians who say, ‘it’s a way of life’… chai tea

Melbourne's bee removal and rescue team, and producers of raw honey

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