actual local pollen and honey used in popular Melbourne in hay fever, sinus and pollen asthma remedy



Created some years ago by a naturopath this remedy is highly sought after by hay fever, sinus and pollen asthma and allergies sufferers across Melbourne. More concentrated than local honey for hay fever, the remedy is a popular alternative to expensive anti-histamines, nasal sprays, and eye drops. It’s not scientifically proven, but please check out out the below testimonials….

Jars contain raw local honey, pollen, beeswax and propolis from many different hives across Melbourne suburbs. The amount of positive feedback (see testimonials below) we continue to receive is overwhelming, and on occasion we simply run out!  See here for locations.

Consult with your health professional to determine whether this natural remedy is suitable for you. This remedy should not be exclusively relied on to manage a medical condition. It does not take the place of talking to your health professional. If symptoms persist see your health professional.


After 10 years of chronic sinusitis and asthma I’m finally getting some relief from Frankie’s local raw honey. I’ve gone from continual use of steroid / cortisone injections, antihistamines, antibiotics and sprays etc to the occasion spray and antihistamine. It’s been 14 weeks of happily eating what I term ‘medicated’ honey. A rice grain size in the morning and evening under the tounge. Both my young children join me too and it’s become an enjoyable family ritual. No more asthma symptoms for my 5 year old either. Heidi honey is a miracle in a jar! Melissa Cardamone, Melbourne

Hi, I bought some of your honey for hayfever last year and have pretty much given up needing any hayfever medication – and I’ve had hayfever problems for more than 40 years! I’ve now run out and wanted to find out how to purchase some more. Allison Hilbig, Melbourne

I irregularly suffer from Hay Fever.sometimes I can have 2 or 3 years between episodes, then 2 or 3 years of terrible sinus, congestion, running nose and itching eyes.this year was the worst with a persistent cough causing headaches and rib pain. I purchased the honey specifically for Hay Fever and within 2 days of the recommended does of size of grain of rice 3 times a day the cough was nearly gone. the eyes were clear and there was only a slight amount of congestion at time of writing this review. I suspect within a week I’ll be over it all together. far more effective than over the counter medication, and my doctor had recommended a dose of steroids and antihistamine injections. The cost of those and long term implications are far more than a jar of honey that will last years. You have nothing to lose. Michael Jay, Melbourne

Recently I brought some honey specially designed for allergen sufferers like myself. I would have to endorse the product and say it is the first time ever that I have not had severe hay fever this time of year, it has become manageable and and tolerable. well done guys! Phil Wallis, Melbourne

I bought some of the amazing honey for hayfever and sinusitis… I did not get a sinus infection the whole time i was using this incredible honey!! Absolutely wonderful! ? Tracee Abela, Melbourne

I just wanted to write in and let you know that after having bought your hayfever honey at the unimelb farmer’s markets a couple of weeks back, I’m very impressed. I do suffer from hayfever on occasion but my main issue is chronic sinusitis which is exacerbated heavily by dairy consumption. At a point where I was relying on several vitamins, nasal sprays and often sinusitis relief pain killers I figured this was worth a try. I can happily say the honey has definitely made a difference. I may not be 100% congestion free, but I haven’t had to take any additional medication since taking the raw local honey – in fact many days it’s the only treatment I use. I was even able to enjoy a small glass of milk the other day without it causing me a headache which is a massive achievement! With the time and money I have put into researching and trialing different sinusitis treatments, I can confidently say that this has been a worthy investment and one which I believe will save my wallet – and sinuses – in the future. The gentleman I spoke to at the markets was also very patient and generous with his time and knowledge. Thanking you, Cass McGufficke, Melbourne.

The hay fever remedy worked beautifully! I’ve had almost total relief this last spring. Can’t recommend highly enough! James Williams, Melbourne

Friendly, honest service. I tried their honey to help reduce hay fever and it works! My daughter is usually a mess over Spring and misses lots of school but after taking their special hay fever honey, she is healthy, happy and not missing out on school. Highly recommend this product and business. Anne Billing, Melbourne

Want to give a huge shout out to “Heidi Honey out Hurstbridge”. I suffered with really bad hay-fever. Sneezing all the time  vampire eyes, and all sorts of hay-fever symptoms. I went out to the farmers market and found your Awsome stand I was actually really wanting to purchase honey to cook with and was drawn to this jar. When I found it it could assist with hay fever symptoms I had to get it. I’ve been using it now for three months  super cool that it’s lasted this long and I still have some left. In that time I did have a week off I always find the best way to test a product is to not use it for a week and see how your body reacts. Yep you guessed it that week was horrible. So pleased with the results and will continue use for sure. Thank you so much for having the product available, educating me and serving with a smile. ?  Adriana De Angelis, Melbourne

I bought a natural bee product from Heidi Honey called Propolis as I suffer with Hayfever and Asthma. It’s a wonderful natural way to reduce symptoms and clear the chest without synthetic anti-histamines.WONDERFUL ! Thank you Heidi     Liz Spinner, Melbourne

Always get his honey from the markets. Best ever! And I think that it has helped with my allergies, having local honey from local flora has desensitised me to the allergens. Naomi Gehan, Melbourne

My husband has only taken anti-histimines a couple of days in the past 2 weeks.Used to take them every day while the wattles were out. Kerryn Pilkington, Melbourne

Fantstic remedy for my hayfever. Have been taking this for the last few years and loving the results! Katarina Marijan, Melbourne

Hayfever remedy works a charm! Go bees! Oliver Hill, Melbourne

I particularly appreciate the ‘medicinal’ honey with its layers of beeswax, pollen, and propolis – when a family member is unwell, I stir it into a paste with ground cinnamon for a very palatable home remedy that works well for sore throats, URIs, and upset tummies. My next experiment will be to use it as a facial beauty mask! Natalie Simpson, Melbourne

I was bitten by a white tail spider. Doctor suggested manuka honey. As it had rendered me immobile i said i had Hurstbridge honey. It proved fantastic at drawing out the infection from the bite and i felt it made it less painful. I am an acknowledged wimp where pain is concerned. I am more than glad i had this honey in my kitchen. Many many thanks. Wendy Lea, Melbourne

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