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Update #2....those early on the waiting list are now picking up hives and undertaking training…if you got to us later in the year please continue to bee patient

Update #1..due to seasonal conditions Bees (with Training) are expected to be ready from mid November onwards until January. We’ll bee in touch shortly with those that were early on the waiting list… 

From late October onwards we’ll have NUCLEUS BEES to be installed into your flowhive, or into y/our langstroth hives, consist of 4-5 frames, queen, bees, brood and honey…..and within a short timeframe you could begin producing your own raw local honey!

Please note this season we are selling bees (in your hive or ours) only if you are also undertaking training with us.  This helps to ensure you are fully confident and equipped with skills to look after the hive in any condition after it arrives at your home, taking also into account new bio-security considerations/regulations.

If you would like to be on the list for late spring 2017, please contact us via email form.

Once you’re on the waiting list we’ll send further information with full details including price list with training, pick up/delivery options etc. There is no deposit needed just at this stage. Please bee patient. Subject strictly to availability and seasonal conditions.

Stay in touch with seasonal updates by visiting this page closer to spring.

Picked up my bees from Frankie yesterday for my new hive. The bees are in perfect condition, they’re extremely settled and friendly already and to top it all off, Frankie didn’t hesitate to share his knowledge and experiences which was extremely welcomed! Thanks again!!   Allan McKellar
I had a great experience collecting and learning about bees for my new Flow Hive. As a new bee keeper, Frankie gave me great practical experience and tips to get me started and give me confidence to handle my hive. The bees are now happily humming away. Thanks.
Richard Rose
Our first hive inspection, and the first time we met Frankie was an exhilarating experience. My pregnant wife was a little less keen on the bees as a whole, but Frank’s willingness to explain and show us the proper ways to do things meant we had a lot of confidence before we even opened the hive. We got great instruction on the bigger picture- the sun, wind, fauna and the lay of the land, and what this means for our bees. We extracted some honey and split the hive, and both Lizzie and I are eager to get in there again. Frank is a great teacher who talks you through the hive top to bottom, shows you neat tricks along the way, is strict with the basics, and has a laugh along the way which is why we learnt so much.
Donald Stewart


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