**SORRY SOLD OUT** Host a Rescue Hive – DEPOSIT


If you’ve ever wanted a hive in your garden for pollination, pleasure and honey but dont want to look after it then this option is for you.


If you are unsure if want to be a beekeeper and prefer to ease into it slowly, we can train you when you’re ready, and you can take over the hive down the track.

Initially we fully manage the hive for you while youre veggie and fruit trees are pollinated, and its usually a hive we’ve rescued from being killed by pest control!

We’ll provide you with:
• One bee hive with live bees to pollinate your garden, veggies and fruit trees
• Peace of mind that we maintain the hive throughout the year
• 8 jars of raw local honey annually
• 1 frame of honey comb annually (dependant on the season)
• The opportunity to hop into a bee suit and observe closely
• The opportunity to train to become the beekeeper and take over the hive down the track
• Compliance with regulations
• Good vibes knowing that you’ve homed a rescued bee hive