BeEginner MENTOR & help

We often get calls from new beekeepers who just need a little help to get over a hurdle. With respect, books, youtube, bee clubs & seminars are a bit romantic as they’re not in your hive when you are.  Issues have included:

  • managing an aggressive hive
  • moving hive from one part of your home to another, or to another location due to unhappy neighbor/partner
  • transferring a hive from inside a tree or inside a wall into your flowhive
  • picking up and removing a neglected or decomposing hive, or getting it into shape for your own hive
  • splitting a hive
  • urgently get this hive off my property!!!
  • gaining full confidence…. so that you and family or neighbors arent stung, or so that you dont accidently weaken or kill the hive 

Contact us to arrange a visit and/or if youre looking for a mentor …..we’re happy to help you get it sorted!


Melbourne's bee hive removal and rescue team, and producers of local raw honey and a popular hay fever – sinus remedy

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