What do you need to do to honey before it goes in a jar?

Firstly, consider that 70 to 90% of all honey on the planet is syrup or syrup blended with real honey. If it’s real honey and you talking to a beekeeper this is what we do. We remove at certain times of the year frames of honeycomb from inside the Beehive stack them up in the shed and wait for a warm day. Then either manually or by machine remove the cappings on the honeycomb that keep the honey in its place naturally in the hive. Put all your frames of dripping honeycomb frames into an extractor which is a little bit like a large washing machine.  Instead of spinning out water like in a washing machine you spin out the honey out of the frames and it gathers at the bottom of the extractor.
Simply open the tap and pour into jars which end up your pantry – with a bit of a filter first to remove combined bees knees and Hive settlement