How do I get bees removed for free in Melbourne?

If bees are swarming, it wont cost anything, as swarming is the natural reproduction cycle for bees, When exposed to weather, for example hanging in a tree, a swarm will move on again to their permanent new home, usually on the very next warm day within that week. Bee cautious, bee patient and it will probably bee free!

If you have an established hive, for example in the wall of your home, pest control will charge for this service as this feral bees are still considered pests, however the downside is that the honey remains inside the wall and attracts another swarm. Registered and insured beekeepers will charge a little more than pest control, but it takes time will save and relocate the entire hive. We recommend a 4 step cleaning process otherwise another swarm will is attracted and will rehouse in the same location.