Can local honey help hayfever across Melbourne?

Importantly, there is conflicting evidence as to whether honey can help with hayfever and allergy sinusitis.  Depending on what you read, the science is indisputable … or perhaps not.

The principle is that if hayfever is triggered or exacerbated by pollen in the air, then exposure to concentrated pollen could help desensitise your body to those irritants.

So that’s the theory, and of course, raw honey naturally contains pollen (which is missing from treated and processed supermarket), and raw Australian honey from Melbourne is going to contain pollens which are naturally in the air around Melbourne (so it’s perfect for asthma and allergy sinusitis sufferers around Melbourne).

Regardless of the scientific evidence, we have a growing list of Melbournians who rave about our hayfever honey.  Ask them if it works!