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What is creamed honey?

Creamed honey is simply honey – real honey that has been whipped. We whip it good. You can do it yourself at home, just grab a jar of honey that is liquid and just starting to crystallize. Put it into a mixer and mix like crazy. The honey becomes aerated or creamed and some people …

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How long does honey last in a jar?

If it’s real raw honey and not syrup from overseas it will outlast you,  your family and all the buildings around you. Honey is the only food on the planet that has no expiration date. We suspect supermarkets force expiration dates because the vast majority of it’s not real honey. Honey was used as medicine …

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Why is hayfever so bad in Melbourne?

There’s an incredible diversity of plants and pollens across Melbourne coupled with rapidly changing weather patterns, or locals know it: four seasons in one day. Pollen originates from indigenous plants and grasses, from hundreds of thousands of species grown in suburban gardens and by Councils, and blustering winds bring in pollen from South West, and …

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