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Discussions within bee clubs, bee seminars, books or youtube can be highly informative……but are largely romantic. Some people seem content to stay in this space for years.

Its not until you actually enter multiple hives and handle bees while asking questions and learning on the job that you really start your journey as a bee keeper. Its a bit like your chosen profession or trade…you dont learn much by standing around talking or staring at a screen. Confidence and experience is critical when starting out, and different seasons or conditions require different practices to achieve healthy bees and an optimal regular honey flow.

We  offer training on a 1-1 basis or in a small group of friends/family.

A friend and I did a Beekeeping course with Heidi Honey Hurstbridge and it was one of the best things I have ever done. Frankie taught us so much, and I know feel very confident about keeping and caring for bees and can’t wait to get my own hive and local raw honey. If you are looking for a hands on bee course that will really educate you on how to keep bees then Frankie and Heidi Honey Hurstbridge is the place to do it. Thanks Frankie. :)Katie Getson

My husband and I had a fun time learning all about bees from Frankie. Frankie was thorough about protection and very willing to share his knowledge and experience. We like the way he conducts the training as we get to open and inspect the hives. We now feel confident to start beekeeping and would highly recommend Frankie’s training to anyone. Pollyn Lee

Our first hive inspection, and the first time we met Frankie was an exhilarating experience. My pregnant wife was a little less keen on the bees as a whole, but Frank’s willingness to explain and show us the proper ways to do things meant we had a lot of confidence before we even opened the hive. We got great instruction on the bigger picture- the sun, wind, fauna and the lay of the land, and what this means for our bees. We extracted some honey and split the hive, and both Lizzie and I are eager to get in there again. Frank is a great teacher who talks you through the hive top to bottom, shows you neat tricks along the way, is strict with the basics, and has a laugh along the way which is why we learnt so much. When my friends get jealous of my hives and I start sending them to someone who knows more than me, It will be Frankie. Donald Stewart, Thomastown

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