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Melbourne’s bee removal and rescue team, and the home of Heidi Honey Hurstbridge for real raw Australian honey and a popular natural hayfever and sinus remedy.Melbourne’s bee removal and rescue team, producers of real raw Australian honey, and a popular natural hayfever & sinus remedy.

Hi…and welcome to the home of Bee Rescue in Melbourne’s green belt!

While I kept ants nests and red back spiders in a glass bookshelf in the bedroom as pets, was never allowed to keep bees as a kid – but started making up for it in the mid 1990s after being mesmerised by a first swarm.

Now three generations in our family are involved…and here’s what we do:

Bee family

hayfever honey - natural hayfever remedy

Hay fever & Sinus Remedy – a natural alternative

From hives across Melbourne metro we collect actual pollen, propolis, bees wax and raw honey which helps to desensitise sufferers.

Its not scientifically proven but our remedy contains pollen – missing from treated and processed supermarket honey, and being local we deliberately add pollens from many hives which are naturally in the air around Melbourne.

Its a natural alternative to expensive anti-histamines, nasal sprays, and eye drops. Hay fever, sinus and pollen asthma is horrific in Melbourne, and our remedy is more concentrated and potent than local honey. Read more or buy now, but please check out our Melbourne based testimonials

Heidi Honey Hurstbridge - Raw Australian Honey

Raw Honey – Heidi Honey Hurstbridge

About 10 years ago we became small migratory beekeepers following blossom around in the Yarra Valley, Central Victoria including Melbourne suburban hives. We’re registered, insured and on the State Govt Quarantine Team for Varroa mite incursions.

Our raw honey is unfiltered, unheated and is not cut or blended with crappy corn or rice syrup which happens to 70% to 90% of all honey sold on the planet. We do it the old way: bees, honeycomb, extractor and hand poured into your jar, and actually prefer to stay small and keep it real! Read more or Buy now.

Bee removal Melbourne

Bee Hive Rescue/Removal and Relocation– across Melbourne and Victoria

Our passion is bees and we save over 100 hives each year from being killed by pest control. Bees are critical for pollination of your veggies and fruit trees, and for most of what you buy at farmers and supermarkets, and were actually considered sacred in many countries and cultures.

We physically remove the entire hive beehive colony, bees, larvae, queen, and honeycomb, whether its inside your wall, ceiling, roof, eaves, home, factory, shed, tree etc, the relocate and re-establish the hive back at our Hurstbridge farm, or into a hive for you if you want to become an instant beekeeper. Read more or Contact us now.

Bees Wax Candles

91 yo Opa makes the bees wax candles in his shed. They are real bees wax candles and not blended like those usually found in shops. They have a light natural honey scent, importantly arep non toxic and can help relieve asthma. Read more or Buy now.

St Andrews ‘Papas’ Chai Tea

St Andrews ‘Papas’ Chai Tea

Claudia (Mrs Honey) prepares our classic chai blend for markets and online shop. Made with real spices, not the powdery stuff offered up in Cafes, chai bags can make up to 50 cups at home. Buy now.

Lippy skincare range

Lippy – skincare

Our Lippy is sought after for dry Melbourne lips, homemade by Heidi and Angelique. Consists only of active manuka honey, real bees wax and locally grown olive oil. Buy now.


Bee Rescue Melbourne
Bee Rescue Melbourne
01 Dec 2020

Honey Comb

Honey Comb –

Honey comb straight from the hive. Great treat for the kids, and chefs apply with cheese. Most ancient way of eating real honey! Will contain real pollen and hive sediment.

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Bee Rescue Melbourne
Bee Rescue Melbourne
01 Dec 2020

Hi..we still have a handful of bee nucleus left this…

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Bee Rescue Melbourne
Bee Rescue Melbourne
30 Nov 2020

Manuka Hand & Face Cream

Manuka Hand & Face Cream –

Consists only of Manuka, organic olive oil and bees wax. Great for eczma and rough skin!

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